International Health Plus acts on your behalf to facilitate you between your medical service provider i.e. clinic or hospital when undergoing a medical treatment or procedure. We will arrange appointments at your convenience with a time and a date that suits you.
Depending on country of your choice for your treatment, fees will vary due to the rates they charge and whether a service providers fee is inclusive or additional treatment requires further fees. Different countries will offer different treatment.
IHP’s administrative service fees are for sourcing information and liaising on your behalf and with your chosen provider. This will include emails, calls, posting and delivering your documents. Our fees start from £250 which may vary depending on the complexity of your case. You will be quoted once we’ve established what your requirements may be.
We individualise your treatment at your convenience with treatment options that match your procedures with various hospitals and clinics.
IHP does not provide medical advice, however we relay advice from our medical providers and their consultants. We can arrange an initial complimentary Skype or phone reviews (please be advised, currently this can only be arranged for IVF/fertility treatments).
There are a vast range of medical treatments available worldwide which we have access to the finest doctors and consultants. If we have not cited it on our website please an enquiry to our team though out contact us page and we can assist in your arrangements. We are constantly updating our website and therefore all medical queries are welcome.
When you contact IHP, one of our dedicated team members will ask questions and advise at the time of what information you will be asked to provide. General questions in the first instance will be required e.g. Name, DOB, Age and location (whether you are in the UK or not). As well as a medical history (relevant to your query) and any results, reports that you have had pertaining to your query.
We are registered with information commissioner’s office (ICO) under registration reference- ZA235077. You can find information on the public register of data controllers.
Yes. We can arrange a Skype or conference call with a doctor (please note fees may be applicable).
If you are travelling abroad or into the UK, some countries may require a VISA to enter the UK. If you are travelling from a country that does require a VISA then yes, it is necessary. We assist by providing the supporting documentation for e.g. once an appointment has been arranged we will send confirmation of that appointment from the provider. Whether you’re travelling to or from the UK please check if you require a travel VISA as IHP will not be held responsible should you have needed one.
We would strongly advise if you are travelling abroad to seek your doctor’s medical advice as depending on your reason for travelling certain countries may require vaccinations. Also, if you are currently on specific medications you may not be able to fly so please check or consult with your doctor.
There are always risks when travelling abroad, please check with your local doctor if you have any medical concerns.
No, all the treatments and procedures are privately paid for.
We have a vast network of English speaking doctors in the UK and abroad. If you would prefer someone of a multi-lingual please advise IHP if you have a specific request.
Every treatment differs for the length of time you would need for your procedure but our consultants work on individual cases and will assess how long you would need to be abroad for or at a clinic or hospital near or in your home town.
Do I have to be over a certain age to sign up with you and seek treatment abroad?
This will depend on the medical provider and the package they will create for you subject to your treatment.
Yes, this can be possible. However, it will depend on your treatment and what your requirements may be.
There is always a risk when travelling home after you have been abroad, however if you do have any medical concerns we recommend you contact your doctor prior to your travel.
IHP administrative fees are paid directly to IHP. The fees of the service provider i.e. clinic or hospital can be paid directly to them or IHP can arrange to pay the provider on your behalf by adding their fees to our invoice but please enquire for further information.
There are no restrictions on who you bring with you be it a partner, family or friends. Please be advised, however, that their travel arrangements will not be organised or funded by IHP.
If we are given adequate notice then yes, we can accommodate for certain dietary requirements.
In the event of any complications we would advise speaking to your insurance company to ensure that you are covered should further treatment be needed. Therefore, we strongly state that if you are travelling abroad an annual travel insurance is mandatory.
You will be given copies of any reports, scans and results of your treatment from both the clinic or hospital and IHP.
Upon returning home, please contact IHP and we will speak with the clinic or hospital but in the meantime please seek medical assistance in your home town.
Yes, depending on your treatment. If are flying and you have been advised to take medication at regular intervals then please keep the medication in your hand luggage along with the prescription or medical notes (for security reasons).
Yes, we will help in assisting you with accommodation, flights and transport.
You may need to get some tests done prior to your treatment but this will all depend on the procedure you are undergoing.
IHP operates a no refund policy, please see our full terms and conditions. However, we do look at each case individually and in exceptional circumstances we may offer either a part refund or a booking to re-schedule whereby we can hold your payment for up to six months.
Yes, an annual travel insurance policy is mandatory.

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