We Manage Your IVF / Fertility Treatment From UK to Abroad.

We have an established network of dedicated doctors, nurses and health professionals currently within London, Bahrain, Dubai, Greece and Prague. All providers are English speaking, working in ISO Certified Clinics.

IHP With You Each Step Of The Way

Your Journey

  • Complimentary Skype Consultation
  • Fertility Tests/ Investigations
  • Start Treatment UK/Abroad
  • Complete Treatment UK/Abroad
  • Courtesy Follow Up/ Support In The UK

Your IHP Journey

  • Low cost personalised fertility treatment
  • No waiting list
  • Our providers are consultants and leaders in the field of fertility
  • British trained and English speaking
  • Free Skype consultation to plan treatment with the providers
  • Dedicated patient co-ordinator
  • Laboratory services at your door step (Can receive by post)
  • Accredited/certified lab services in Central London

International Health Plus - Patient Journey

Why IVF Treatment Abroad?

Medical tourism is at an all time high. People are now travelling abroad to seek IVF / Fertility treatment for various reasons such as:

  • IVF / Fertility treatment abroad can be up to 60% less than the UK cost.
  • It can be an alternative way to combine fertility treatments with a holiday in the sun.
  • Reduced waiting lists which can save you time and money.
  • Certain treatments may not be available within the UK.
  • NHS IVF / Fertility treatments funding cuts within the UK.

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